Tuesday, September 4, 2012

How car Dealers Can Market On Twitter

Does your car dealership have an account on Twitter? If you don't you may be missing out on major traffic and possible sales. For starters, Twitter allows you to post a link to your dealer website which means an increase in unique visitors. Second, Twitter is a great platform that can be used to showcase your best-selling models or even any special sales events you may be having. Why not also tweet about any community charity or community events you may be sponsoring?

It's important to tweet with care. Twitter is a tight-knit community and you may lose followers if you only tweet about your latest deals on the Kia Optima in Irvine. Mix it up by posting links to articles or posts that you may think might be beneficial and interesting to your demographic.

Social media is a great way to interact with your existing customer base and even earn potential new ones. Another idea is to post photos of company events, birthday parties and interesting behind the scenes tidbits from the dealership.

Some experts even believe that a strong social media presence may even influence organic SEO rankings. So go ahead, Tweet away! 

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