Sunday, October 28, 2012

Toyota's Interesting Campaign For The Prius

There are many different ways one could launch a marketing campaign for a popular car as the Toyota Prius such as focusing on its incredible fuel efficiency for one. 
Instead of focusing on the practical, Toyota has decided to focus on the quirky by asking Facebook followers what the plural of Prius should be. Priuses? Pri or maybe even Prien? Toyota has set up a website that will allow consumers to vote on the final verdict.

Sell The Sizzle

Toyota's campaign show the importance of selling the sizzle instead of the steak. Anyone can use the internet in order to find out detailed specs on the Prius such as the options available, mileage, engine type and standard features; that's boring. A campaign focusing on the mundane is less likely to capture attention.

However, a campaign that is quirky and fun is more likely to inspire consumer interaction. I'm pretty sure everyone has an opinion about what the plural of Prius should be. This is a marketing campaign that has a good chance of going viral because it sparks dialogue and conversation. It's one thing to keep in mind when planning your next campaign, no matter what product you're selling!

Consumer Interaction

The best marketing campaigns encourage participation. Contests, such as the one held by Toyota, are a great way in order to get people to start discussing your brand. People are much more likely to participate if there is a prize.