Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Revolutionary Online Campaign For The Ford Focus

Advertising through social media isn't anything new. Many companies are using tactics such as buying advertising on Facebook or media buys in order to drive awareness and potential shoppers to their websites. However, Ford is a true pioneer when it comes to online advertising and is stepping outside the box by launching the new Ford Focus EV through an internet reality show.Dealers across the nation such as Ford Fusion Corpus Christi will carry the new Focus.

The show will be launched exclusively on Yahoo and feature a series of contests where participants will have to overcome various obstacles in order to win a Ford Fusion. Ford has tapped into one of the most popular niches when it comes to reality tv shows; competitive reality shows. These shows offer more substance than the regular reality variety and are suitable for family viewing. Ford will also have celebrity presenters host the shows. It also looks like Ford is aiming to target younger buyers who are more likely to favor online entertainment instead of traditional tv shows.

It looks like social media will continue to play an important role when it comes to building brand awareness. Social media can be used to sell anything from used cars to launching a brand new auto to raising awareness.

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